LG G5 phone, quick brain-dump review

I recently got a new phone – an LG G5 – and it has a very neat photographic trick tucked away in its sleek chassis.  In addition to standard selfie and rear-facing cameras, it has an additional, ultra wide-angle optic, and it is mighty fun. Below are some landscsape-y urban pics of dubious photographic merit to give an idea of just how much vista you can cram into that camera.

Beyond the snazzy cameras the phone is a great piece of hardware. Battery life, processing power and screen quality are all superb, and a huge upgrade on my old Windows phone (LOL). It also has upgradable storage and a replaceable battery. Build quality leaves something to be desired but with a good shell case that can be entirely ignored. Finally, fast charging is a revelation.



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  1. Henry Tse says:

    looks amazing, is it a phone review or demonstrating the photographer skills?

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    1. wswedblog says:

      Thanks Henry! Don’t know how I only just saw this message. Bit of a combination of the two, and also lack of anything else to post at the time I think!


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